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Business doctor

Parachute in expert help

Navigating the estate and letting agency industry can be  tough. That’s why we’re here to help, with a unique service that is designed to ensure your agency is operating at its full potential.

We will work with you to assess your current operational conversions, efficiency, and provide a comprehensive review of your business including its financial health. Identifying areas of concern, we will recommend strategies to streamline your costs and processes, enhancing your productivity and profitability.


Compliance audit (RESIDENTIAL SALES &/or LETTINGS)

Getting ship-shape

Do you have a lettings portfolio? A sales business? Confused about regulatory compliance? Whether large or small, when was the last time you audited your end-to-end process? Our tailored audit service will give you a panoramic view of all aspects of compliance that your business and processes need to align with.  We can support you to diminish the risk of penalties and legal issues, giving you peace of mind.

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Due diligence audit

Laying a foundation for success

Are you considering buying a sales and/or lettings business? We offer a non-biased and comprehensive due diligence evaluation audit to assess potential pitfalls and areas of concern. The audit provides valuable insights into the health and viability of the acquisition helping you gauge the stability, operational efficiently and legal compliance. This allows you to make an informed decision when negotiating the terms. If you were to proceed with the purchase, the DD audit can also serve as a roadmap – highlighting areas where modifications can be made to lay a solid foundation for future success.

presale - audit

Pre-sale audit

Start off on the right foot

Are you thinking about selling your sales and or lettings business? Elite Consultancy Group offers a non-biased, pre-sale audit service to ensure your business is compliant with the relevant industry legislation and standards. By undertaking a pre-sale audit, you can demonstrate that your business has been through an independent assessment which can instil confidence for buyers.

The audit aims to identify areas where you can improve business operations, processes, and documentation. By addressing any shortcomings, you can increase the attractiveness to potential buyers, enhance the value of the business by potentially negotiating a higher sale price, and reduce the chances of unexpected issues arising during the due diligence process – which could jeopardise a sale.